3 Months after Hip Replacement Surgery

On June 30, the thought of my recovery lasting until September 23 was daunting.  Today is the official end of the usual three-month recovery period for hip replacements.

How do I feel?  The biggest factor related to   my mobility and pain levels are issues with my right hip, which gets its own surgery in just  three days.

The new hip feels strong and I no longer hesitate to put full weight on that leg.  I can stand, walk, bend as I wish.  I   I can turn over in bed again, without having to think of exact positioning of body parts to turn over in bed.   I still can do too much.  After a trip out, I can still feel minor throbbing in the bones around the joint, but it is not painful, more a sign to rest up a bit. Remember that my operated hip is getting more stress than normal, since  I’m walking with crutches to keep weight off the right leg.

The full recovery takes up to one year.  My job is to strengthen my muscles so once again I can walk or hike as far as I like.

At 2 Months recovery, I realized that I was not yet in a decent enough condition to go back to a job.  Normally, people are not ready to return to a full time job until after three months recovery.  For more physical jobs or those requiring a lot of standing, this time could be longer.   In the past two weeks, there was a shift in my energy levels and desire to do more things.

I found it useful to be able to ramp up my activities by working diligently on organizing things around the house.  After many years of this being exceedingly painful to do, there were many obvious tasks.  This was a gift for my future self, since I know I will be happier over the next few weeks feeling like my home is in decent order.  For those going back to work, remember that you still have to do all the household things in addition to working.  The first few weeks of work will be exhausting, so taking some time to prepare frozen meals or other tasks to facilitate the transition is a good choice.

This has been a long, difficult process in hopes of improving my life.  The benefits of getting just one hip fixed  are amazing. It is worth all the effort getting here.


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